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Labor Government’s first Budget a dud

The Albanese Government’s first Budget has failed the people of Hinkler with drastic cuts to regional funding programs and no immediate measures to help families and individuals with rising cost of living pressures.

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Opinion Piece: Not even a fig leaf to cover Labor’s union pay off

OPINION PIECE – Not even a fig leaf to cover Labor’s union pay off

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 14 percent of employees (1.4 million) were trade union members in 2020. Since 1992, the proportion of employees who were trade union members has fallen from 40 percent to 14 percent. In comparison, 100 percent of the Federal Labor Party are union members. It’s a mandatory requirement for Labor members of the House of Representatives and Senators. I’m told their union representative has to check Labor members ballots before major votes to ensure they’re voting as instructed by their union.

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