Friday, 20 May 2022

MEDIA STATEMENT – Federal Election 2022

“This is a really important election and I’m encouraging people to ensure they exercise their democratic right to vote.

“We see a lot of uncertainty and instability around the world, however our economy is strong, unemployment is at 3.9 percent, the lowest it’s been since 1974, but that can all be put at risk under a Greens-Labor Government.

“The Coalition Government are putting forward our plan to continue that strength both in national security and the economy.

“This election is about the future of our country, the direction you want it to take and I believe that a strong economy means a stronger future for all Australians.

“If you are voting for independents or minor parties or the Labor party you will get a Greens-Labor Government. If you’re not voting for the LNP, you’ll get a Greens-Labor Albanese-led Government.

“I’m standing on my record and it’s a record of delivery. In the last term alone I’ve fought and secured over $1 billion to this electorate, there has been a significant reduction in unemployment, there is work available, our economy is strong, our future is bright, and I don’t want to see that put at risk.

“We’ve seen a really big turnout in terms of pre-poll and I am very thankful for all of our volunteers and workers who have been out on booths over the past two weeks.

“This is your election, it is your decision who you vote for and I encourage everyone to have their say.

“I will always put the interests of the people of this electorate first and I will continue for fight for you.

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