90 second statement – #woodgatewedding

Thursday, 29 February 2024

Mr PITT: It’s on. I want to give my genuine congratulations to Prime Minister Albanese and his bride-to-be. I think it’s fantastic news. It will be the wedding of the year; there is no doubt about that whatsoever. We’ve heard in the press all week that it’s about the when. It’s not about the when; it’s about the where, and I’ve got some suggestions for the Prime Minister to consider. They are fantastic locations. We know the Prime Minister spent a bit of time at Bargara, in Bundaberg, during the campaign, and surely it’s because he likes the place, not because he was trying to knock over the member for Hinkler at the election.

Mr Albanese: We caught up for a beer!

Mr PITT: He does like it indeed—welcome, Prime Minister. But there are options there. You could have the wedding on the beach at Bargara, and you could have the reception at the Bundaberg Surf Life Saving Club. If you want to head south, you could go to Hervey Bay. Enzo’s on the Beach is a fantastic location; you’ll be right on the beach. If you want something inland, you can go to Childers, the Paragon theatre and all of those sorts of things. But my favourite is hashtag #Woodgatewedding. Get yourself down to Woodgate Beach; it’s a fantastic spot. You can tear into the ocean king prawns and the Hervey Bay sea scallops. You can have a tipple with the Kalki Moon gin, Bundaberg rum and Bundaberg brewed drinks, which I know you love. You came and opened it for me, and it was very helpful!

Prime Minister, I can even put in a call to my wife and suggest that she give you a week for the honeymoon at her beach house at Woodgate. You can walk the beach in the moonlight, you can talk, you can see the locals and, if that doesn’t float your boat, we can take you fishing and crabbing.

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