90 second statement – Cost of living

Monday, 26 February 2024

Mr PITT: The Taylor Swift phenomenon is everywhere, but I am going to give a shout-out to Travis Kelce, who happened to win a Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago. Welcome to Australia!

The Prime Minister himself, of course, showed up at a Ms Swift concert—but I’ve got to say, he’s no Swiftie; he’s just shifty. Look at the broken promises. I say to all Australian people: he is just no good for you. Why do you keep on going back to the broken promises and the cost of living? But we are never, ever getting that back together. This Labor government is just bad to the bone when it comes to electricity promises; where is the $275? A wrecking ball has gone through mortgage costs. I tell you, I heard on the grapevine that promises on superannuation and franking credits were also broken. That’s more broken promises from this Labor government.

So I say to the Australian people: we know breaking up is hard to do, but, if you do not break up with the Labor government, they are coming with changes to negative gearing. They are coming to tax the family home and they are coming with death duties. You only have to look at the appointment of an individual to run the Productivity Commission who just two weeks earlier was calling for death duties in this country to know what this Labor government will do. It is more taxes, higher taxes, out of every Australian’s pocket.

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