Questions without notice – Climate change

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Ms SWANSON: My question is to the Minister for Resources and Water. BHP, Rio Tinto, Santos, BP and the Minerals Council of Australia all back a commitment to net zero emissions. Does the minister for resources back a commitment to net zero by 2050?

Mr PITT: I thank the honourable member for her question. I had a text exchange with the head of the Minerals Council just yesterday and I did have a discussion with the head of the Minerals Council in regard to their announcement. I would note that they have an ambition for 2050. They have an ambition. As I said in my previous answer, we are having a collegiate discussion in the Nationals party room. I am absolutely respectful of my colleagues, as I’m respectful of those opposite. We will continue to have that discussion. We will listen respectfully. We of course will consider in detail what is being put forward, as our constituents would expect.

As the minister for resources, I will continue to support the sector. I will continue to do everything I can to get a job into that location, because that is what we are about. I will give you an example while I’m on my feet. I have a contact here from Kenzy Gillespie. He contacted me. I was at Moranbah North mine just a few weeks ago where he works. He says:

… I can assure you as a 22 year old I have been setup for life with this golden opportunity that is at our feet here in the resources sector. Because of this I was able to buy my first house at 19, I went on to hold that for 2.5 years and have recently sold that and am looking for acreage around the Mackay region to start primary producing on my days off …

It couldn’t have been done without the resources sector, and there are hundreds of thousands of Australians in exactly the same position, and we will continue to support them.

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