New mobile base stations in Hinkler under Coalition’s $220 million Mobile Black Spot Programme

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Areas in Hinkler will receive improved mobile phone coverage if the Coalition is re-elected as part of an additional $60 million commitment to extend the successful Mobile Black Spot Programme, Keith Pitt, Member for Hinkler announced today.

New mobile base stations in Redridge and Pacific Haven will bring a much-needed boost to mobile coverage, providing benefits to emergency service operators, businesses, and residents.

“The Coalition Government understands the importance of mobile coverage in regional and remote areas of Australia. That is why we are committing an additional $60 million on top of the $160 million already invested in mobile black spots, bringing the Coalition’s total investment to $220 million”, said Mr Pitt.

“We have selected these areas of the electorate because they have been overlooked by mobile network operators due to commercial factors. A re-elected Coalition government will invite mobile network operators to bid for this new funding to provide coverage in the identified locations.

“I met with Redridge residents John Hunter and Jennifer Symons last year to discuss their concerns that areas surrounding Childers did not even have SOS phone coverage.

“They organised a petition, which I tabled in parliament in November, which had 606 signatures from residents in Doolbi, Horton, Abington, Goodwood, North Isis and Redridge.

“I congratulate them for fighting for improvements to mobile coverage in their area which is home to many seniors and some of our biggest farms, and this funding will address this problem.

“The Coalition is committed to improving mobile coverage along major transport routes, in small communities, as well as addressing unique mobile coverage problems such as areas with high seasonal demand.

“The active cooperation of the industry in the Mobile Black Spots Programme to date has been strong with 499 new or upgraded base stations covering around 3,000 black spots already rolled out under Round 1 of the Coalition Government’s programme.”

Minister for Regional Communications Fiona Nash said the Coalition’s huge investments in rural mobile phone towers highlighted Labor’s “do nothing” approach to this important issue.

“The Coalition is investing $220 million into fixing mobile black spots; in six years of government Labor invested $0. The Coalition is fixing 3,000 black spots in Round 1 alone of its Mobile Black Spots Programme; Labor fixed zero black spots. The black spots scorecard reads: Coalition $220 million and 3,000 black spots fixed so far; Labor $0 and zero black spots fixed.”

The Coalition’s $220 million plan to address mobile black spots will ensure regional communities have better access to wider and more reliable mobile phone coverage.

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