Burrum Bridge statement

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Statement from Keith Pitt MP re Labor’s claims that the LNP broke its promises to fund feasibility study for Burrum Bridge:

“I first outlined my in principle support for the Burrum Bridge proposal in my maiden speech in November 2013.

“It was one of several projects I mentioned as being potential economic boosters for the Hinkler region.

“Given that projects like this typically take years to plan and cost hundreds-of-millions of dollars, I have not promised any Commonwealth funding for pre-feasibility studies either before or since my election.

“Hinkler residents I speak to are more concerned with finding work and paying their electricity bills.

“I welcome Mr Gubbins sudden support for the project, but let’s not forget Labor had six years in Government to fund a feasibility study and did nothing.”   

Note: At the 2010 election, Former Member for Hinkler Paul Neville said a Coalition Government (if elected) would provide $100,000 for a pre-feasibility study. The Coalition did not win Government at the 2010 election.


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