90 second statement – Nuclear energy

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Mr PITT: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard the discussions around nuclear energy once again being put forward in the media and other places. Once again I say to those opposite, to those who are here in the room: we are looking for an adult conversation on a difficult issue. However, in Queensland we know the state Labor government is unable to do that. In fact, Minister Dick came out last week and talked about three-headed turtles, about glowing animals and all sorts of things. I’d say to the minister: spend less time watching The Simpsons and more time informing yourself.

If you look at the social media feed, whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else, you will see there is an overwhelming majority support for an investigation, for an inquiry. To those opposite: you shouldn’t be scared of an inquiry—no-one is suggesting that we are building nuclear reactors tomorrow—but we need to be able to look at technologies as they change. We need to be able to do that in an adult way. We need to be able to have a conversation with the Australian people so that they are well informed.

What we know is that right around the world there are many reactors. In fact, there is any number of new types of technology, which we need to be able to investigate. As members and senators in this place, we should be adult enough to have that conversation. But not in Queensland! Minister Dick is straight-out talking about three-headed turtles and writing to mayors and running a scare campaign. The Labor Party, unfortunately, are all scare and no solution.

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