90 second statement – Infrastructure in Queensland

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Mr PITT: Whilst once again it’s beautiful weather in Queensland it’s also estimates time for the Queensland state government. Recently, the Member for Bundaberg, Mr Batt, put a question to the Coordinator-General about the state development area for the Bundaberg port and whether there were any state capital investment plans. We know that this has been an ongoing saga but it is important to note the quote from one Mr Barry Broe, the Coordinator-General. What he said is:

I am not saying ‘build it and they will come’, but if we do not build it and do not provide it then they definitely will not come. They will go somewhere else or the industry will not happen at all.

This is a very, very accurate quote, because right now the Queensland state government continue to play political games. In August 2017 we announced $6 million under BBRF funding for Pacific Tug. Pacific Tug are still waiting for approval. A project in Brisbane that was almost exactly the same was approved within 12 weeks and, fact, it is underway, it’s finished. Construction has been completed.

I say to the Queensland state government: stop playing political games. Stop focusing on the absolute south-east corner and not the regions. There are real people out there. We have jobs for them. The Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad, should stop looking at investment houses and start focusing on jobs for regional people. There are more important things to do than look at the south-east corner. I say to Premier Palaszczuk: step up, put Premier Trad aside and make some decisions in the best interests of people we represent.

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