90 second statement – Local Sporting Champions Program

Monday, 13 February 2023

Mr PITT: Ethan Parry is one of our Local Sporting Champion grant recipients, and he’ll be representing Australia later this year at the 2023 Virtus Global Games in France. The Virtus Games are usually held in the year preceding the Paralympics. He proudly competed for Queensland and Australia last year, and he won gold medals at the state titles for the 100-metre race and the long jump. But listen to this for a haul, Madam Deputy Speaker. He then competed for Australia, for the second time, at the Oceania Asia Games, and he brought home three golds: the 200-metre race; the tri event, which consists of the 100-metre race, the long jump and the shot put; and the 4 x 100 metre relay, where our boys also secured a world record. He then won two silver medals, for the 100-metre race and the long jump, and Ethan also set new Australian records in the 200-metre race and the long jump. He’s coached by Daniel Parker, who’s better known as ‘Stix’. Stix is a veteran who won gold and silver medals at both the ’17 and ’18 Invictus Games.

Ethan’s sister Ella hasn’t missed out either. She’s been a recipient of the Local Sporting Champions program for AFL and athletics. This is a fantastic program, that helps with the sometimes significant expenses for local athletes, coaches and officials, aged 12 to 18, to take part in state, national and international competitions. But what a champion Ethan Parry is—what an incredible haul and what a unique individual out there flying the green and gold for Australia. I say to Ethan: you go get ’em!

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