2019-20 Budget building a strong and secure future for Hinkler

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt has welcomed the 2019-20 Budget which includes substantial funding for the Hinkler Regional Deal, as well as tax cuts for families and more support for older Australians.

“This Budget ensures we can pay for what we promise, create more local jobs by backing our businesses, lowers taxes so more families keep more of what they earn and guarantees critical local services,” Mr Pitt said.

“Low and middle income earners in Hinkler will benefit from $1080 tax relief for single income families and $2160 for dual income available in 13 weeks, putting more money in your pocket.

“The benefits from the Hinkler Regional Deal will be far-reaching with the Federal Government contributing $172.9 million towards critical infrastructure projects which will attract more businesses to the region.

Projects funded through the Hinkler Regional Deal include:

– $32 million Quay Street bypass to remove heavy vehicles and commuter traffic from this area

– $10 million for a multi-use conveyer at the Port of Bundaberg

– $40 million for the redevelopment of the Hervey Bay CBD; and

– $7.7 million to extend Urraween Road through to Boundary Road in Hervey Bay

“Today I am pleased to announce additional road projects through the Hinkler Regional Deal:

– $24 million to flood-proof Torbanlea Pialba Road

– $10 million safety upgrade for the Buxton Road intersection on the Bruce Highway

– $8 million for an upgrade of Bargara Road/Princess Street; and

– $4 million for overtaking lanes on the Isis Highway between Bundaberg and Childers.

“These are infrastructure projects which have been talked about over a number of years, but I am getting it done.

“Living in Queensland we are no stranger to the effects of natural disasters and I welcome the $3.9 billion emergency response fund to help during times of flood, fire and cyclone.

“With a large number of retirees choosing to live in Hinkler, I welcome increased support for older Australians with 10,000 new home care packages and a reduction in red tape for 180,000 people a year in need of financial assistance with aged care services.

“All of these benefits to workers, businesses, veterans, women, carers and seniors are without the Liberal and National Government raising taxes one single cent, which Bill Shorten would do in a heart beat.”

Listing of critical medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme such as breast cancer and rare skin cancer fighting drugs, saving patients up to $150,000.

Hinkler families will also secure better health services, including an investment of $32 million so breast cancer patients have life-saving scans covered under Medicare, saving patients up to $1,500 per scan.

The Treasurer, the Hon Josh Frydenberg said “This Budget will build a stronger economy and secure a better future for all Australians. It will ease the cost of living pressures, fund infrastructure to unlock the potential of our regions and guarantee funding for essential services including hospitals, schools, drugs on the PBS, disability support”.

Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Michael McCormack said: “The Liberal and Nationals Government understands that having strong regions creates a strong Australia and that is why we are continuing our record investment in supporting regional communities like Hinkler.”

The Liberal and National Government’s 2019-20 Budget builds a stronger local community and secures a better future for all Hinkler families.

“Under the Liberal and National Government, the economy will always be stronger, allowing you and your family to get ahead,” Mr Pitt said.

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