Time to stop the games and pass legislation

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Member for Hinkler and Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Keith Pitt said it’s time for the games to stop over the working holiday maker tax.

“The people on the ground trying to run their business in Australia, and in particular in regional areas, are incredibly fed-up.

Mr Pitt said the Australian Labor Party, along with the Senate cross bench, wants to prevent  Australian farmers from delivering their produce to market.

“The idea that they can have their produce left in the paddock because of the cross bench chaos, in conjunction with the Labor party, is just abhorrent to me.

“The Labor party and the Senate cross bench need to get out of the way of Australian industry, get out of the way of producers. Let them get on with what they are good at.  Pass this legislation.”

Mr Pitt said the Senate cross benchers lack of understanding of this issue will cost farmers in regional Australia. 

“Our farmers want the games to stop.

“I say to the cross bench, get out and talk to some people in regional Australia. Nineteen cents is an agreed position. It’s supported by the industry. We need to get this done and we need to do it now,” Mr Pitt said.


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