Seven projects to deliver jobs bonanza for the Wide Bay-Burnett region

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Local businesses and communities across the Wide Bay-Burnett region have welcomed news that the Coalition Government is backing the region and delivering jobs through its Regional Jobs and Investment Package.

Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government John McVeigh joined the Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt and the Federal Member for Flynn Ken O’Dowd to announce that the Coalition Government would contribute more than $12 million towards the successful projects.

“After an extensive assessment process involving strong community input, the Coalition Government will help fund seven key local projects with a total value of more than $38 million across the region,” Dr McVeigh said.

“This major investment will help create over 150 jobs during construction, more than 350 ongoing jobs and provide residents with a range of new employment and investment opportunities.

“The Coalition Government is committed to more and better paid jobs and securing the opportunities regional communities deserve.”

Mr Pitt said seven organisations across the two electorates would benefit greatly from the funding announcement including the construction of a value-adding and tourism facility at Bundaberg Macadamia Processing Pty Ltd – a project that highlights both the innovation and future business prowess of the region.

“The installation of new specialised macadamia processing machinery will also enable the company to create a range of innovative products for both its domestic and overseas markets,”
Mr Pitt said.

“In addition to the 25 jobs that are expected to be created during the construction phase, the flow-on effect of this substantial expansion of the company’s current facilities will see an estimated 93 ongoing jobs also created.”

Mr O’Dowd welcomed the multi-million dollar funding commitment for projects in the Flynn electorate, in particular noting the Federal Government commitment to the Gin Gin Streetscape redevelopment.

“Gin Gin is the northern gateway to the Bundaberg region, and this major improvement to the town’s streetscape will benefit local residents and the many travellers who pass through the community each year,” Mr O’Dowd said.

“In addition to its $1.6 million commitment to help fund the Gin Gin Streetscape project, the Coalition Government will also provide $2.5 million to Isis Central Sugar Mill to construct 36 kilometres of railway track from Cordalba to Wallaville.”

Dr McVeigh said the Coalition Government was committed to stimulating jobs and driving economic growth in Australia’s regions and that it would continue to invest in infrastructure projects that unlock the potential.

“The $220 million Regional Jobs and Investment Package is a pilot program, being rolled out in 10 regional locations across the nation, has been designed to diversify regional economies, particularly those that have undergone large structural changes, to help drive economic growth and job creation in these communities.”

A list of projects to be funded under the program are detailed below.

Successful projects under the Regional Jobs and Investment Packages:  Hinkler and Flynn

Successful Recipient


Australian Government Grant

Total Project


Bundaberg Macadamia Processing Pty Ltd – Alloway Bundaberg

As a result of constructing and operating a macadamia cracking, value adding and tourism facility. Of these jobs 93 will be directly employed within this project on an ongoing basis. With local production set to increase by over 10,000t in the next 5 years, this project will provide an outlet for over 9,000t of nut annually for cracking & value adding and will meet the exceptional unfilled demand for Australian grown and packed macadamia retail products for the export market. The expected flow on benefit for the region will be over $48M (App 10.2 Note 4). A tourism facility will provide an educational experience for locals and tourists to the region.



Isis Central Sugar Mill Company Limited – Cordalba

Isis Central Sugar Mill will construct 36 km of cane railway track from Cordalba to Wallaville in the Bundaberg Regional Council area to: achieve significant internal cost efficiencies; enable economical and sustainable sugarcane production expansion into the Wallaville Gin Gin area; create jobs, construction, sleeper plant roles and farming; generate additional funds paid to shareholder / growers spent in the local area; and enable expansion of sugarcane production into the North Burnett region.



Bundaberg Regional Council – Gin Gin

This Gin Gin Streetscape redevelopment will continue from the 2010/11 (Stage 1) works, aimed at improving the general amenity of the main street for pedestrians, traffic and tourists. The Stage 2 works – a combination of civil and parkland (median strip) – are critical to finalising the project, bringing another block (Bruce Highway between Milden and Dear Streets). The primary objective being to revitalise/beautify the main street of Gin Gin; the northern gateway to the Bundaberg Region which plays a significant role in the regions economy. The strategic highway location of this project also improves the prospect of attracting greater visitor numbers into the Bundaberg Region for longer stays, offering economic growth benefits.



Austchilli (D.T.R. Holdings Pty Ltd) – Alloway

The project will construct additional infrastructure at our existing regional value adding facility, including extra processing capabilities, providing 26 additional full time local positions, adding 20 per cent to our output, and enabling regional producers to transform their businesses.



Last Pastoral Co Pty Ltd – Biggenden

Biggenden Saleyards are a major livestock exchange for the Wide Bay Burnett region (WBB), with this project underpinning the future of the region s cattle industry, a major contributor to GRP.    This project will redevelop the Biggenden Saleyards, incorporating redesigned layout, 384 selling and 61 holding pens, new weighbridge, overhead walkways, buyers  laneways, double and single deck loading ramps and new drafting facilities. The project will increase sale day capacity by 43 per cent to meet increasing demand, and bring about significant improvements in animal welfare, risk management and WHS.   



North Fresh Pty Ltd – Childers

The project will expand and modernise the existing Costa Avocado packing facility in Childers (WBB Region), allowing for increased capacity to pack and dispatch high value tree crops grown by Costa and its local third party growers. This expansion will enable Costa and its local third party growers to capitalise on increased yield and production volumes projected to occur over the next three to eight years. The expansion will also help promote the planting of additional avocado crops by Costa and local third party growers. For example, Costa intends to plant an additional 75 hectares locally over the next two years, while third party growers have indicated expansions of over 150 hectares and a strong desire for additional growth.



Consolidated Linen Pty Ltd – Hervey Bay

Our current laundry operation in Hervey Bay occupies a primary building of 2,400m2 processing up to 200 tonnes of linen a week.  This building is at capacity because of the need to move the bulk of this volume at between different equipment workstations at ground level either by conveyors or trolleys. This project will provide a state-of-the-art materials (linen) handling system in the building’s roof space.  This will expand capacity by up to 25 per cent with floor space created for the addition of extra processing capacity (rather than storage).  Extra processing = more jobs.





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