Qld State Election result

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Letter submitted to the NewsMail on 9 March, 2015.

Dear Editor,

I am writing in reply to letters by Allan Cook and Max Tanzer (2/2), who criticised me for saying the unions’ anti-asset sales campaign played a substantial part in Bundaberg going to Labor at the State election. 

I had to laugh when, the very next day (3/2), the NewsMail published a story in which the Not4Sale campaigners claimed credit for Leanne Donaldson’s win. The photo accompanying the story showed them sharing a bottle of champagne.  

A range of issues contributed to the LNP’s loss at the State election, including some of our own making. There is no doubt the unions, who previously appeared in local media to deny they were affiliated with Labor, played some part locally.  

The unions specifically targeted the Bundaberg electorate, bringing in paid protesters from Western Australia and Victoria.

The democratic right of Australians to protest and campaign is something I will always defend. I represent all Hinkler residents; regardless of how they vote. In fact, since my election, I’ve had meetings with various union delegates about a range of matters.

It is deeply disappointing that the unions are now silent on an issue that they were vehement about only a few short weeks ago.

The one-month-old Queensland Labor Government that promised they would never sell our assets is now planning on doing just that!  The Deputy Premier has openly admitted it! 

It’s the same in Victoria. The recently elected Victorian Labor Government has announced it intends to sell the Port of Melbourne, but the unions haven’t said boo!

At least the LNP was upfront during the election about their plan to lease just 11 per cent of Queensland’s assets to pay down Labor’s debt and build infrastructure. Now, Queensland looks set to be taken back to 2009.    

I respect the choice Queenslanders have made, but I won’t pretend I’m happy that Jack Dempsey is no longer Bundaberg’s State MP. He poured his heart and soul into the job. He steered us through the 2013 floods and helped make the Bundaberg Hospital Emergency Department the best in the State.

I wish Jack, his wife Christine and their children all the very best!

Keith Pitt MP

Federal member for Hinkler


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