National Security Message

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Statement from Keith Pitt MP sent to local Hinkler media:

Over the past week in metropolitan centres in Australia a number of counter-terrorism operations have been undertaken.

While there is no specific threat to regional areas in the Hinkler electorate, counter-terrorism measures and community engagement are vitally important.

We need to work together to counter this threat from a small number of criminals, but in so doing, we need to remain a tolerant and inclusive community.

I urge everyone in the electorate to be informed and to remember that violence against anyone based on their race, religion or beliefs is never acceptable and is not the Australian way.

By remaining calm and tolerant we aren’t giving terrorists the outcome that they want or expect which is to disrupt our way of life.

The Government is doing whatever is possible to support our police and law enforcement agencies in keeping people safe.

The Government has introduced into parliament new counter terrorism measures that strengthen our counter terrorism preparedness and response.

We need to calmly carry on with our lives while our law enforcement and security agencies work tirelessly, as they have always done, to keep all members of our Australian community safe.

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