Friday, 8 April 2022

Media Statement – Mayor running as independent

“The Bundaberg ratepayers are entitled to ask for the mayor’s resignation, it’s very clear that he hasn’t been interested in them for quite some time.

“He’s been relentlessly pursing a Federal agenda for many months. Who is paying for the Mayor’s campaign? Has the Mayor handed back his ratepayer-funded car and phone? Are council staff assisting on the Mayor’s campaign? Who will his preferences go to? These are all questions ratepayers deserve an answer to.

“This election, if you’re not voting for the Liberal National Party, you will be getting an Albanese Labor Government.

“Independents are voices of the Labor party, they don’t vote with us, they’re not members of the Government, they’re not members of the opposition, they can’t deliver anything that matters.

“Can you imagine an independent delivering $600 million for the Paradise Dam to repair the Queensland State Labor Government’s failure? It just wouldn’t happen.

“The independents currently in Parliament vote with Labor and if we don’t hold this seat you will get a Labor Government under Anthony Albanese and the Bundaberg Mayor would fit right in. He’s got an each-way record just like Albo. He was for the Cashless Debit Card, now he’s against the Cashless Debit Card.

“Everyone knows my very strong support for the Cashless Debit Card, it is a tough but necessary policy that ensures kids are being fed and have the essentials they need. It is just one tool in the toolbox and the alternative being put forward by the Mayor and the Labor party is to do nothing.

“I stand by my record of delivery. There has been millions of dollars invested into local roads, tens of millions on the Bruce Highway, the palliative care facility in Hervey Bay, the Royal Flying Doctor Service flight training facility worth $20 million and we have an unemployment rate in the Wide Bay Sunshine Coast of 5.3 percent.

“Local councils have never had so much support from the Federal Government, both local councils have received around $12 million from the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program.

“We have to press forward to make a difference and it’s been some time since we’ve seen an unemployment rate locally of 5.3 percent, there is work out there, we have a record number of trade apprentices across the country with around 1000 apprentices in Hinkler.

“I’ll continue to fight for the things that matter, and projects that stack up. I have continually asked the State Government to provide accurate costings, more information and show community support for the proposed flood levee in Bundaberg and that has not happened.

“The council is due to deliver its own Budget in the coming the months, so what is the Mayor doing to address cost-of-living pressures or is he abandoning ratepayers at this crucial time? And who will he blame for further rate rises that put even more pressure on our local community?”

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