Media Statement: Aldi and the Cashless Debit Card

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Media statement from Keith Pitt MP regarding Aldi and the Cashless Debit Card:

“Let me be very clear – the Cashless Welfare Card can be used at Aldi and anywhere Eftpos is available, except alcohol and gambling venues.

 “Aldi does not accept the BasicsCard, which is entirely different to the Cashless Welfare Card.

 “I am concerned that Aldi may have been misinformed about what is being proposed for Hinkler. The Cashless Welfare Card and BasicsCard are not the same thing.

“The Department of Social Services has contacted Aldi today to clarify the Cashless Welfare Card and the BasicsCard are different products.  

 “Businesses that don’t sell alcohol or gambling products will be automatically able to accept the Cashless Debit Card via their Eftpos machine. They do not need to register or apply.

 “As the Minister has stated, the Cashless Welfare Card will be accepted at Aldi should the card be introduced in Hinkler.”


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