Make your opinion count: 9 days left to “Get out of the City”

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Residents, businesses, local government and community organisations in Hinkler have just nine days to have their say on plans to decentralise more government offices and agencies to country Australia as part of a plan to boost job opportunities in regional areas.

Launching the new Get out of the City Campaign which aims to drive submissions from country Australia to a new Senate inquiry into decentralising government offices and agencies, Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt said this was vital chance for regional Australians to be heard by city-based Labor politicians.

“Submissions close next Friday (March 10) and our regional communities must have their say because this Senate Inquiry was initiated to kill off relocating Commonwealth jobs in regional centres,” he said.

“I’m a supporter of decentralisation and the 33% of Australians living in regional areas should have the same opportunities as anyone who lives in the cities to get the benefits of their tax-payers money.

“I think it’s important we diversify the locations of the departments and people in regional areas should get the benefit of those jobs in their economy.

“Today, we ask you to add your voice in support of decentralisation. Regional Australia deserves well-paid, skilled jobs. It deserves Centres of Excellence to be established to create knowledge hubs which continue to attract and grow those jobs. 

“Technology and modern communication gives us the opportunity to reshape our vibrant regional communities; more government functions can be delivered from across Australia and no longer have to be centralised in the Canberra and other capital cities.”

Mr Pitt said the Labor Party was trying to put a stop to decentralisation: trying to put a stop to moving some government departments from the capital cities to the regions.

Mr Pitt called on the community to support:

1.   The Nationals’ policies to decentralise more government agencies and functions from capital cities to the regions;

2.   Calls for the senate inquiry to hold meetings in regional areas to hear firsthand from local communities;

3.   Regional Australia getting fair access to public service careers;

4.   Decentralisation of government services as a huge driver of downstream jobs in regional and rural towns;

5.   Decentralisation as essential to growing a skilled workforce in regional areas for our children and grandchildren as well as for businesses, families and investors.

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