Liberal Leadership

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Statement from Keith Pitt MP about the Liberal Leadership:

“Hinkler residents who contacted my office last week were evenly divided in their views about whether Tony Abbott should remain Prime Minister.

“Some thought unfavourable poll results and recent decisions made by Mr Abbott had made his position untenable.

“Others indicated they didn’t want the Coalition to lower itself to Labor’s standards. They said it should be the Australian public that decides the Prime Minister, and not the Liberal Party.

“The truth of the matter is Australia’s political structure is based on the UK Westminster system, and not the American Presidential model.

“On that basis, it is the Liberal Party that decides the Liberal leadership.

“The spill motion was defeated in the Liberal party room this morning, and now it’s time for the Coalition to get on with the job that voters elected us to do.

“As a Member of The Nationals, I am focussed on continuing to deliver outcomes for regional Australia.

“The people of Hinkler will continue to be my first priority!

“The Nationals remain a steadfast and united team; having had just 12 leaders in 95 years.

“Tony Abbott has said that the Coalition leadership team will be consultative; and Health Minister Sussan Ley’s visit to Hinkler last week to meet with local doctors was certainly a positive sign.”      

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