Liberal Leadership statement

Monday, 14 September 2015

Statement from Keith Pitt MP:

“In Canberra, I sit with The National Party. This means that I do not get a vote on the Liberal leadership, just as those who sit with the Liberal Party do not get a say in who leads The Nationals.

“In 95 years, The Nationals have had just 12 leaders. Our Party continues to be a strong voice for regional Australia.   

“Yesterday The Nationals negotiated a new Coalition Agreement with the Liberal Party to form Government, with Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister.

“Agreement highlights include maintaining the Coalition’s existing policies on climate change, transferring the responsibility for water policy from environment to agriculture and establishing a new jobs program to address high unemployment in regional areas. It also includes proper Cabinet consideration of amendments to the Australian Competition Consumer Act to prevent abuse of market power and maintaining the existing policy to refer the same sex marriage issue to a plebiscite of the people in our next term.

 “I have enjoyed a good working relationship with Malcom Turnbull over the past two years as a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications, and I expect that will continue.

 “The people of Hinkler are my number one priority. ” 

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