Tuesday, 9 May 2023

Labor’s big taxing, big spending Budget lacks long term solutions

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt has slammed the Albanese Government’s “sugar hit” Budget handed down tonight.

“While the Budget will provide assistance to some Australians it fails to provide long term solutions to inflationary pressures, which all Australians are facing,” Mr Pitt said.

“People need help, but this sugar hit is not going to be enough. Inflation is at 7 percent, power prices, groceries and interest rates are all going up. The best thing Labor could do is get power prices down for everyone, not just a selection of people who are getting a one-off subsidy for one power bill.

“The removal of the low- and middle-income tax offset means 51,000 taxpayers in Hinkler miss out on up to $1,500 in their pocket. 

“The instant asset write-off being reduced to $20,000 will impact not only small businesses being able to upgrade equipment but the bigger businesses who sell those products.

“I’m concerned about seeing two Hinkler Regional Deal projects on the list of infrastructure projects that are being reviewed by Labor.

“Last year I wrote to the Infrastructure Minister to get her commitment on the Hinkler Regional Deal. She advised me that the Australian Government would honour the existing commitments under signed City and Regional Deals. 

“If Labor are true to their word and they will honour the commitments, how did they end up on that list?

“It will take some days to get across the detail but it’s a big taxing, big spending Budget.”

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