Keith Pitt and Angus Taylor call on Queensland Government to lower power prices

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Hinkler businesses have today had the opportunity to discuss power prices with Federal Minister for Energy Angus Taylor.

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt invited the Minister to the region to hear how rising prices are having a crippling impact on both big and small business, as well as local producers.

“Businesses in the Hinkler electorate have told me they are struggling to pay their electricity bills and it’s only getting worse.

“Take the Bundaberg Foundry for example. It’s been a part of this region for more than 125 years and has been training apprentices and trainees for over a century. They have been the driver of people with skills and with trades into our economy for over 100 years, and they find themselves with rising power costs, which are just not sustainable,” Mr Pitt said.

“The Queensland State Labor Government could reduce power prices today. It is 100 percent responsible for the cost of electricity in Queensland, it owns all the poles and wires, and is the only retailer in regional Queensland.

“I once again call on the Premier to lower electricity prices immediately and help ease this cost of living pressure on families, seniors and businesses in Queensland.”

Minister Taylor welcomed the opportunity to visit Bundaberg and hear first-hand the impacts of the Palaszcuk Government’s power prices on regional Queensland.

“The message was loud and clear – high energy prices are impacting local businesses and their ability to expand, grow and employ more people,” said Minister Taylor.

As small businesses struggled with record power bills, Queensland’s state-owned generators made an extra $269 million in profit last financial year. This delivered a $1.65 billion dividend to the Palaszczuk Labor Government. 

“These record profits are going from the pockets of hardworking Queensland families and small businesses straight into the Labor Government coffers,” said Minister Taylor.

“The Labor Government is profiting from the electricity bill shock to every Queenslander. It is time for the Queensland Government to reduce power prices.”

During his visit, Minister Taylor visited the Bundaberg Foundry and met with small business owners and sugar industry representatives.

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