Jobs for Families child care package

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Australian families want better and more affordable childcare and the Coalition Government is determined to deliver it through the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Omnibus and Child Care Reform) Bill 2017.

This the most significant reform to the early education and care system in 40 years.

We are working to introduce new arrangements that better target support to hard-working Australian families who are earning the least and working the longest hours, by:

  • Abolishing the $7,500 rebate cap for families earning less than around $185,000

  • Increasing the subsidy rate to 85 per cent for our lowest earning families and tapering that down so it is lower for families earning the most; and

  • Introducing an hourly fee cap to put downward pressure on the incessant child care fee increases.

Our reforms will increase investment in child care support for Australian families, which is why they have to be paid for.

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