Get your socks off for diabetes

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt has called on people with diabetes in the Hinkler community to “Get Your Socks Off”.

There are 10,726 people in Hinkler living with all types of diabetes.

Mr Pitt is supporting the latest phase of Diabetes Australia’s 4400 Reasons to End Amputations campaign.

“Every year there are 4,400 diabetes-related amputations in Australia, tragically 85% of these are preventable,” he said.

“According to the most recent figures the Wide Bay region, which includes Hinkler, ranks 66 (out of 80) in Australia in the rate of amputations.

“That’s why I met with Diabetes Australia at Parliament House and got my socks off to raise awareness of this key issue.”

Mr Pitt said there were simple steps people with diabetes could take to reduce their own personal risk of amputation by proactively looking after their feet.

“Check your feet every day. Some of the things to look out for include dry skin or excessive moisture, thickened skin such as calluses or corns, cracks, blisters or ulcers or any change in the shape and thickness of your nails.

“This isn’t a full list and you should be having regular foot checks with a doctor, podiatrist or diabetes educator.”

Mr Pitt said some people were at a higher level of risk and needed to take more care.

“The people who should be most vigilant are people who can’t detect a pulse in their feet, people who have experienced nerve damage or have observed changes in the shape of their feet,” he said.

“Every day 12 people undergo a diabetes-related amputation and most are preventable. If we all play our part we can end the tragedy of diabetes-related amputations within a generation.”

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