GET THE FACTS: Cashless Debit Card

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

There has been a lot of commentary and misinformation around the Cashless Debit Card, in particular around which recipients it would apply to and where it can be used.

Below are some comments from Minister for Human Services Alan Tudge to clarify these concerns:

“The cashless welfare card operates like a normal visa debit card.  It can work anywhere, to purchase anything, but will not work at the bottle shops or the gambling venues.  Further, cash cannot be withdrawn from it, meaning that illicit substances cannot be purchased.

“The card has never applied to aged pensioners and never will be applied to aged pensioners.  Critics of the card are deliberately spreading misinformation in suggesting otherwise.

If we were to go ahead with the card in a location like Bundaberg and Hervey Bay, it would be tailored to local needs. This might mean, for example, that we limit its application to younger people on unemployment benefits, as a means of encouraging them into work.  This is what has been suggested to me by Keith Pitt and we would be open to that.

“At the end of the day, we want to work with local communities to help their particular issues.”

Here are some additional comments from Keith Pitt regarding the Cashless Debit Card and aged pensioners:

 “There has been an active scare campaign, led by the Member for Bundaberg, which has unnecessarily upset and concerned the aged pensioners in this community.

“Our seniors are a valued part of the community and to worry them unnecessarily is just appalling. 

“People in Sydney and Melbourne are also continuing to weigh in on this discussion, when they have no say over what happens in our region.

“I would have thought the Member for Bundaberg would be focusing on creating jobs in Queensland and telling her cabinet colleagues to get out of the way and approve Adani. 

“Adani will bring thousands of jobs to Central Queensland, which people in our electorate could be applying for if she and her government weren’t standing in the way.

“The Member for Bundaberg doesn’t want the Cashless Debit Card, but isn’t providing any other option to improve the lives of residents in this region.”


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