Funding to schools will continue to increase

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Letter sent to the Bundaberg NewsMail on April 28, 2016:

Dear Editor,

The Coalition Government’s funding to schools is going to continue to increase from its current record levels, despite the claims made by Allan Cook (Gonski Love, April 27, 2016).

Our funding commitment to Hinkler schools is set to increase by $26.2 million or 28.3 per cent to the end of 2017 compared to 2014, and will keep growing thereafter.

That continued growth in federal funding from record levels means there is no reason schools won’t be able to continue to support teachers and existing initiatives, such as specialist teachers or additional resources. 

The Coalition Government is committed to supporting all students. The Prime Minister and state ministers agreed that discussions on new schools funding arrangements should be concluded by early 2017.

It is true that Bill Shorten and Labor are promising to increase funding from its existing record levels even more than the Coalition Government. 

However, this will only be paid for by higher taxes or greater debt, leaving fewer jobs and opportunities for students when they finish school.

The fear being spread by Labor detracts from the real conversation we need to be having.

While funding matters, what you do with it matters even more.

Evidence tells us to focus on the quality of teachers and teaching; the teaching of reading and maths; and the engagement of parents. That’s exactly what the Coalition Government is doing.

Keith Pitt MP

Member for Hinkler

Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister


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