Europe a possibility for Hinkler exporters

Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Coalition Government has commenced negotiations with the European Union (EU) to open new markets for Hinkler exporters that will create more local jobs.

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt said the EU presents a growing opportunity for Hinkler exporters.

“A free trade agreement with the EU will open up a market for Australian goods and services of 500 million people and a GDP of US$17.1 trillion, making it one of Australia’s biggest trade agreements once concluded,” Mr Pitt said.

He said Australia’s lack of preferential access into the EU means Australian exporters are currently at a disadvantage to many of our biggest competitors.

“Hinkler agricultural exporting strengths, such as sugar, are significantly constrained by EU tariff quotas.

“The FTA could bring Australia to a level playing field with other exporters that already enjoy duty free access into the EU, while also lowering prices for EU retailers, manufacturers, and consumers.

“An EU FTA will help Hinkler exporters compete and break into this major market,” he said.

Bundaberg Canegrowers chairman Allan Dingle said he supports any free trade agreement the Government negotiates.

“Market access is always going to be beneficial for local canegrowers and canegrowers right across the state,” Mr Dingle said.

Mr Pitt said the Coalition Government is pursuing the most ambitious trade agenda in Australia’s history and more agreements will help Hinkler exporters grow and employ more locals.

“The more Hinkler is exporting, the more that business will invest and the more local jobs there will be.”

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