Thursday, 8 June 2023

Bundaberg a city divided with Labor’s flood levee

The Albanese and Palaszczuk Government’s will divide Bundaberg into a city of have and have nots, with funding for the East Bundaberg Flood Levee announced today. 

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt said the decision to fund the controversial flood mitigation project would split the town. 

“While the East Bundaberg Flood Levee will reportedly protect 600 buildings, around 10,000 residents in North Bundaberg are left stranded with no safe evacuation route in the event of another flood,” Mr Pitt said. 

“My view of the flood levee project has been consistent – I won’t support projects that divide the community. Nor will I support something that means the people of North Bundaberg will miss out again. 

“As predicted, the cost of this project has blown out to a staggering $174.7 million. And who is paying for it? Taxpayers.  

“I repeatedly called on the Queensland State Labor Government to provide accurate costings, more information and show community support for the proposed flood levee.  

“Was the community consulted ahead of this funding commitment? Does the $174 million include a detailed design? What will be the cost to maintain the pumps and the flood gates? More importantly, who will this cost fall to? Will it be Bundaberg ratepayers?  

“Will the residents or businesses on the wrong side of the levee be offered compensation for their properties? 

“Concerns were raised in October 2020 when the Palaszczuk Government announced this project that properties would be left worthless and uninsurable. Yet in March 2022, the Mayor claimed that the levee would reduce insurance premiums. 

“Over 5,000 people put their names to a petition calling for a review of all flood mitigation options in Bundaberg, before committing to build the levee. Has this too been ignored?” 

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