Aged care providers and local residents meet with Aged Care Minister

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Federal Government Minister for Aged Care, Ken Wyatt held a roundtable in Bundaberg today at the invitation of the Federal Member for Hinkler, Keith Pitt, to discuss the care of older people in the electorate.

Mr Pitt was keen for the minister to meet directly with local residents to understand their aged care needs and to provide them with information about the choice of services now available to older people and their families, including both at-home care and residential aged care services.

Mr Pitt said it was a great opportunity to talk to people at the coalface of aged care services, as well as the families of people in aged care facilities.

“The Australian Government is committed to quality care for older Australians in residential care aged homes, and we want to ensure that is happening.

“The roundtable discussion is a valuable opportunity to get a better understanding from local organisations and providers can raise their concerns with the Minister.

“The Minister also wanted to seek feedback from local residents who are interacting with the industry day-in, day-out,” Mr Pitt said.

“Today’s roundtable was an excellent opportunity to talk to local people about their aims and aspiration as they or their relatives grow older, and to the many dedicated service providers who we rely on to provide safe, secure and loving residential care,” Minister Wyatt said.

“I was delighted to visit Hinkler today and look forward to keeping in touch with the needs of the local community through their dedicated Local Member, Keith Pitt,” Minister Wyatt said.

During his visit to Bundaberg, Mr Wyatt will also visit a local small business and the IWC.

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