90 second statement – Tobruk

Monday, 15 October 2018

Mr PITT:  On the weekend Minister Leeanne Enoch from the Queensland Labor government announced that HMAS Tobruk would remain on her side in 30 metres of water and that no attempt would be made to right her. However, it didn’t take her long to sink in the slipper to me and the member for Burnett. There are serious questions to answer here. This is not about the quality of the dive. It’s not about the standard of the dive. It is not about the ability of experienced divers to enter the ship. This is about transparency of ratepayers’ money and taxpayers’ money. If Minister Enoch has nothing to hide then she should open the books.

We negotiated $2 million of ratepayers’ money from the Bundaberg Regional Council and Fraser Coast Regional Council to contribute to this project. If the Queensland Labor government has taken a refund, if it has claimed insurance, if it has not paid the full amount then it should say so, so these people can demand a refund. It is up to us. If the Queensland mayors of Bundaberg and Fraser Coast will not fight for ratepayers then I and the Member for Burnett will do the job for them.

This is about transparency. We know the Queensland government are not big on that, but this is $2 million of ratepayers’ money, and we demand answers from Minister Enoch. If you’ve got nothing to hide, open your books. If you’ve got nothing to hide, tell us what was spent and where. If you have nothing to hide, demonstrate you haven’t claimed insurance and you haven’t reduced the amount of payment. It is in our interest to find out.

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