90 second statement – Safeguard Mechanism

Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Mr PITT: It’s another Green-Labor stitch up. We’ve seen it again this week. Someone is misleading. Someone is providing misinformation. Someone is telling the Australian people what is not the truth, because they can’t both be right. Jacob Greber yesterday wrote, ‘Gas the loser after Greens back Labor’s carbon plan,’ and Stephen Rice says, ‘Narrabri gas project likely to be fast-tracked.’ You cannot have it both ways. You simply cannot.

We saw the leader of the Greens celebrating changes in share markets today and yesterday for resources companies in this country. Those shares are held by Australians, by self-funded retirees, by mums and dads, and by superannuation funds. To celebrate the fact that they have lost money because of the dirty deal done in this Green-Labor government is absolutely appalling.

Out in the regions, they rely on the resources sector for jobs. Those high-vis heroes dragged this country’s economy through COVID. They are going to contribute almost $460 billion to our economy. They deserve the support of this parliament and the people who are in it, not a dirty deal that will put a stop—according to the Greens—to almost $100 billion worth of projects. To those listening: think about the last time you saw a $5 billion, $10 billion or $15 billion project in your patch giving you jobs. We should be thanking the resources sector and its people, not attacking them.

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