90 second statement – Royal Flying Doctor Service

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Mr PITT: There were those who said it wouldn’t happen, there were those who said it was a pipedream and there were those who actively stood in the way, but I can tell you it is happening. What is it? It is the new Royal Flying Doctor Service aviation training facility in Bundaberg, on which we turned a sod just last week. The contract has been awarded to Murchie Constructions, a local construction company. There is over $20 million for this facility, $15 million from the Hinkler Regional Deal, and it is being delivered. Why is it important? It’s because every single minute, every single hour and every single day that the pilots can be trained in a simulator are minutes and hours and days of availability for the Royal Flying Doctor Service planes so that they can get out there and do their job, on standby, providing rescue and other services across regional Australia. It will be for the new King Air B360s. These are the new aircraft that the RFDS are moving across to.

It’s another niche for our economy. It is more activity, particularly for our local hotels and service providers. All of those pilots from across Australia will be trained in Bundaberg. It is a great opportunity. Congratulations to the Royal Flying Doctor Service—and a shout-out to Domanii Cameron. This is the first event that she’s coordinated. Some might know her as a former Queensland press gallery journalist. She’s now out there doing that good work with the Royal Flying Doctor Service delivered in Bundaberg by the Hinkler Regional Deal as part of the coalition’s agreement.

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