90 second statement – Matthew Hauser

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Mr PITT : You might not know this, Mr Deputy Speaker, but Matty Hauser from Hervey Bay, the first Australian medal winner at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, got the bronze medal in the triathlon. It was a fantastic result. He’s a local kid. He went to Kawungan State School and Xavier Catholic College in Hervey Bay, and he was originally coached by Brian Harrington in the bay. He’s been working under Dan Atkins on the Gold Coast since 2015.

There’s been a lot of pressure on Matty Hauser, I’ve got to say. He was a world junior champion. Unfortunately, at the Gold Coast, he had a bad accident in a collision with a car door, which I’m sure any cyclists in the room are always aware of. But what a great kid to actually turn out! He’s an adult now, obviously. But what a great example for all those kids who are at Kawungan State School, Xavier and all the other colleges right across Australia of what you can do when you dedicate time to an event like this. The triathlon is a tough event, but I think the fact we’ve got a local from Hervey Bay taking out the first medal for Australia at the Commonwealth Games is fantastic.

Syd Dart is Matty Hauser’s grandfather. He is a regular caller and shopper at my office. I think Syd at Burrum Heads will be very pleased. He will be absolutely chuffed, and I’m sure we’ll get a call from him tomorrow. Best of luck to Matt for his career into the future. Congratulations to another local. Well done on the world stage, and go Australia at the Commonwealth Games!

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