90 second statement – Local touch footy finals

Monday, 19 June 2023

Mr PITT: There’s a big game on this week. It’s Queensland versus New South Wales on Wednesday night. But it’s not the biggest game in town. The big game is at 6.50 pm tonight at the Brothers Social Touch Football Club, where we’ll see the McHugh Steel team—my team—take on Livingstone Low Electrical in the over-35s grand final. I want to wish the team all the best. They are absolutely seeing the benefit of me not being there! As you all know, in this part of the season it’s very difficult to make any Monday night game. In fact, I only made two for whole team, which I know is a poor excuse. But I want to shout out my best wishes to the side, and I want to thank Rob McHugh, who is the team sponsor through McHugh Steel, and the captain Mick Castelli, who I’ve had the great fortune of competing with and, on very rare occasions, against since the 1980s at local, state and national levels. I’m sure that they will absolutely do them proud.

‘Over-35s’ is only a guide. Generally, it’s a little bit longer in the tooth, in over-35s! They came through with a successful win in the semifinal last week. It was a knockout, as you could expect, and I hope that they put on a very good turnout tonight. Tomorrow morning, for all those who might be watching in the House, it is State of Origin with the NRL, at 7.00 am. Members and senators, it’s Queensland versus New South Wales. Come on, the Queenslanders!

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