90 second statement – Hinkler’s Biggest Survey

Wednesday, 9 August 2023

Mr PITT: The big survey numbers are coming in, and my staff are working hard to do that data entry. There have been 2½ thousand responses so far. What is the true voice of the people saying? On the cashless debit card, with a yes/no question, would you believe there was 65 per cent support? In terms of nuclear power, between somewhat likely to very likely, there was 75 per cent support. How much money do they want to pay to reduce emissions? Eighty per cent of them said zero to $100. Most circled zero and didn’t want to pay anything at all. In terms of support for coal-fired power stations, from somewhat likely to very likely, there was 75 per cent support.

Now, what do we see from the government? We see them cancelling the cashless debit card against the wishes of the people who actually live there and see what happens. It is outrageous. Coal is being taxed out of existence in Queensland. The Queensland Labor government has increased royalties by $5 billion in a year—$15 billion in taxation, the highest coal royalties in taxation anywhere in the world. Who does that impact? It impacts regional towns, regional Queenslanders and those workers in the industry. They demonise nuclear, and what have they done for emissions? They have driven up the price of power to the people who can least afford it. My people can’t pay more for electricity. Those opposite want to continue to put up the price. I’m absolutely opposed. It is the wrong decision and it hurts people.

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