90 second statement – Golf courses in Hinkler

Tuesday, 12 September 2023

Mr PITT: I want to put out an open invitation to Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles: come up to the electorate of Hinkler. Jump in the Uber Air Force One. Bring the Pings, the Titleists and the Callaways. From 30 October to 1 November we have the 2023 Val Bazley Bargara Ladies Open Classic at the Bargara Golf Club. It’s a fantastic opportunity down at the beach. Come and have a hit. If that doesn’t float your boat, near the beach, the Bundaberg Golf Club has an opportunity, or you can go to the Coral Cove Golf Club. There’s also the Isis Golf Club at Childers, on the beautiful red soil of my local district. The Burrum District Golf Club, down near the river, is another fantastic opportunity. And if you want to go to Hervey Bay—there are still a few whales about at this time in the season—there’s the Harvey Bay Golf Club, the Harvey Bay Golf Driving Range and the Fraser Lakes Golf Club. Finally, there’s a brand new facility, which I’m sure the Deputy Prime Minister would want to check out, and that is the new minigolf facility at Hervey Bay, which opened on 25 August 2023. It is an 18-hole course of over 3,300 square metres. The Deputy Prime Minister can play day or night, under lights, whatever opportunity he wants to take.

While he’s there, the Deputy Prime Minister might want to make an announcement for defence spending, because my electorate has one of the lowest expenditures for defence in this country. We’ve got a number of reserve units. They’re good people out there, having a crack for our nation. Deputy Prime Minister, you’re welcome any time. Jump on the RAAF jet, get yourself up to Bundaberg and Hervey Bay and show them that you care about the people of Queensland.

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