90 second statement – Energy

Wednesday, 29 November 2023

Mr PITT: Just when the Australian people thought electricity prices couldn’t get any worse, along comes the ‘Minister for Energy Secrets’ with a new plan. He says that intermittent wind and solar is so cheap it requires bucketfuls of the Australian taxpayers’ cash to get anyone to build it. Can you believe it? Not only is it such a large amount that he’s embarrassed to say how much it is, he’s made it a secret. So, for all of those individuals out there—this is quite a miracle. ‘Sh,’ says the member for Riverina. What an absolute miracle!

Koalas? It doesn’t matter. Three-thousand acres of koala habitat? You can clear that for a wind farm. No problems there at all. Reliability? Forget all that. That’s unnecessary. Costs to consumers and businesses? Don’t care about that. Taxpayers can fund that. Taxpayers can fix it up. This Minister for Energy Secrets doesn’t care what the cost is for taxpayers, for the Australian people.

How much will this proposal cost? Why is it a secret? The Albanese government said they’d be transparent. They’re not. They’re going to ensure that there are returns so high that industry super funds and overseas corporations will invest in projects that no-one else will build. Feasibility? Economics? Reliability? Engineering? Quite the miracle worker, this Minister for Energy Secrets!

In the last few seconds, can I just acknowledge one of my hardworking staff from my electorate office in Hervey Bay, Paula, who is in the gallery today. It’s her first visit to Canberra. Welcome, Paula. Thanks, on behalf of all of our constituents for the very hard work you do in my office in Hervey Bay. Thank you so much.

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