2016 federal election announced

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Statement from Keith Pitt MP:

“Only the Coalition has a clear economic plan and a credible pathway to build a secure and prosperous regional Australia.

“The 2016 election will be about trust – which party do you trust to deliver jobs and growth and better services in regional Australia?

“The choice is stark – a strong Coalition who has a plan to manage the economy for all Australians or a high-taxing, big spending Labor Party, who with the Greens and independents, have no plan other than to waste tax-payers money, drive up the cost of living, and drive down the value of your home.

“The Coalition is managing the economy responsibly and planning for the nation’s future infrastructure needs, including building more water storages, rail lines and better roads that will help create a modern nation of thriving communities.

“We are focusing on helping working families, older Australians, and small business with tax cuts now, with more to come as the economy picks up to create more jobs.

“One third of Australians live outside the capital cities and I will continue to fight for a fairer share for regional Australia.

“As a government we have already delivered Free Trade Agreements with China, Japan and Korea which provides unprecedented trade and export opportunities for producers and businesses in our region.

“In Hinkler I have delivered $5.77 million for roads and black spots including Old Toogoom Road and River Heads Road, $29.7 million for the Bruce Highway and $138.636 million in aged care funding and new aged care services.

“Unlike Labor, our plan is comprehensive and properly funded.

“The Coalition’s economic plan will drive growth and jobs across the country with real benefits for individuals and businesses right here in Hinkler.”


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