Wide Bay unemployment NOT worst in country

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Statement issued by Keith Pitt MP following incorrect media reports that Wide Bay has the worst unemployment rate in the country at 10.5 per cent:

“Latest ABS figures for Wide Bay show the three month average (more reliable smoothed data) to October 2015 is 8.5 per cent, which actually indicates an annual drop in unemployment of 2.4 per cent compared to the same three month period in 2014.

 “While these three month average figures to October 2015 are very positive, the local unemployment rate is still unacceptably high.

“I understand there are several challenges to gaining employment in the Hinkler electorate, including a lack of job vacancies and a high number of applicants.

“That’s why I’m focussed on attracting investment to the region to stimulate the economy through new and exciting projects like the HMAS Tobruk Military Dive Wreck proposal.

“I’ve launched the community campaign #bundybayandbush encouraging people to support local businesses, so they can create new jobs.

“We’ve introduced a range of measures to help job seekers stand out in what is a highly competitive market.

“We’re also providing incentives for businesses to employ young or mature age job seekers.”   

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