Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Recreation Precinct to receive upgrade

The Bundaberg Recreation Precinct will receive a significant upgrade thanks to Australian Government funding to support community infrastructure and other drought-relief projects through the expanded Drought Communities Program.

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt said the Drought Communities Program (DCP) is helping to keep local economies going even through the tough times caused by the drought.

“I lobbied for Bundaberg to be included in the Drought Communities Program as there was one criteria which meant Bundaberg was previously not eligible,” Mr Pitt said.

“A review of the DCP was undertaken and I was pleased to announce in January that the Bundaberg region was now eligible and would receive $1 million in funding from the program.

“The DCP is important because it helps keep people working, helps keep cash-flowing going and ensures that local businesses can keep operating.

“Bundaberg Regional Council will undertake an upgrade of the Bundaberg Recreation Precinct which aims to improve the quality and functionality of the precinct,” he said.

The upgrade includes:

  • construction of an administration building to provide a central space for event organisers to coordiante and administer events as well as provide a meeting space for sport and community organisations;
  • development of an entrance plaza to the precinct including opportunities for outdoor art displays, display boards for the area and event history and congregation points for event patrons; and
  • improvements to the precincts signage to inform people where to enter, advise of upcoming events and help bring the Precinct together as a high-quality, cohesive space.

“These improvements were identified by the council following community consultation as part of a Masterplan for the precinct completed earlier this year.”

Further information on the program and a list of eligible councils is available at https://www.business.gov.au/dcp.



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