Questions without notice – Renewable energy

Monday, 25 October 2021

Mr BOWEN: My question is to the Minister for Resources and Water. Does the minister agree with the New South Wales Treasurer, who said yesterday:

We have some of the best renewable resources anywhere on the planet. Those renewable energy resources can be used to create heavy industry, used to support things like green aluminium and green steel and provide the world’s energy needs in—

a low carbon—


Mr PITT: We’ve gone from the pop gun to—I’m not sure how to describe the member for McMahon! Once again, I’ll be very frank. I’m not interested in what the New South Wales Treasurer has to say. My job is to deliver for the resources sector, it’s to look after the water interests of all Australians, it’s to ensure the Murray-Darling Basin continues to have the right balance and it’s about making sure that our exporters have markets. And with those markets, while they exist, we will fill them—while there are markets for our products, we will fill them. Those opposite look to close sections down. They want to close industry down. They want to close the resources sector down. On this side of the chamber, we will continue to support the sector.

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