Keith Pitt MP Federal Member for HINKLER

Question without notice: Nuclear Energy

Ms BUTLER: My question is to the Minister for Resources and Water. Does the minister support the development of a domestic nuclear power industry fuelled by Australian resources and cooled by our scarce water reserves?

 Mr PITT: I thank the honourable member for that question. As the honourable member knows, there is already a nuclear industry in Australia; it's at Lucas Heights. We already have a nuclear reactor in Australia producing very important medical technologies for all Australians. As the member knows—and those opposite should do their research—I was a supplementary member of a committee; I couldn't even vote on the report that was put forward—

The SPEAKER: The Leader of the Opposition on a point of order?

 Mr Albanese: The question went to the domestic nuclear power industry.

The SPEAKER: I will just say to the minister that he's entitled to a preamble, and he's not yet 30 seconds in, but the time for that preamble's rapidly coming to an end.

 Mr PITT:As I was saying—

The SPEAKER: No, that's a ruling. You can note it and act on it, I think is the most important thing.

 Mr PITT: As I will. The opposition knows the government's position. There is a moratorium on nuclear energy in this country. I was a member of a backbench committee which made recommendations. Those recommendations have gone to the shareholding minister, Minister Taylor, and the government will respond to them in due course.

Authorised by Keith Pitt, Federal Member for Hinkler, 41b Woongarra Street, Bundaberg QLD 4670

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