Power prices will rise under Labor’s ETS

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Rising electricity costs and more red tape for farmers wanting to maintain their land is what people can expect from Labor’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme says Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt.

He said Labor’s plan to bring back an ETS is yet another tax on hardworking Australians.

“People need to remember the damage caused by the carbon tax introduced by Labor, which saw electricity prices rise by 101%.

“The carbon tax also increased the cost of production for Queensland cane growers by $20 million which hurt the industry’s international competitiveness.

“The Coalition Government fought hard to successfully repeal the carbon tax which reduced the cost of living for families and got industry moving again,” Mr Pitt said.

But as well introducing an ETS and increasing the target to 45%, Labor intends to reinstate native vegetation laws and restrict land clearing.

“Farmers do not need more red tape and should be appalled at this plan. Labor wants to restrict land clearing and overrule state government policies.

“This would mean not only will we have state vegetation police, but a possible federal vegetation police on top of this. This will restrict farmers’ use of their own land and drown them in red tape.”

“It’s ridiculous to think that a farmer wouldn’t be able to touch vegetation on their own land – vegetation that might be invasive, or interfering with production – without the threat of causing not only a state offence, but a federal offence too.

“How are they meant to stay productive on their own property?”

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