Pitt to State Government: Stop ignoring regional Queensland

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt has called on the Queensland State Labor Government to start taking an actual interest in the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay regions.

“While the State Government has invested $127 million into the Maryborough electorate alone, the Bundaberg, Burnett and Hervey Bay electorates have been left out in the cold,” Mr Pitt said.

“The Premier spoke earlier this week about the millions and millions of dollars flowing into the Member for Maryborough’s seat, yet sadly, the same can’t be said about Bundaberg, Burnett or Hervey Bay.

“Meanwhile the Deputy Premier is still refusing to sign up to the Hinkler Regional Deal because Maryborough will “miss out”.

“I’m not sure if the Deputy Premier realises significant Federal Government funding has flowed into Maryborough in recent years.

“Here’s a snapshot: $28.5m to bring Nioa Rheinmetall to Maryborough; $18 million to secure a water supply to sustain Maryborough’s cane growers and MSF; an Industry Training Hub to be located in Maryborough.; $1.75 million to create new jobs at DTM Timber; $800 million for the Cooroy to Curra Section D project, $13.3 million for new overtaking lanes at Tinana; $11.2 million to fix the intersection of the Bruce and Wide Bay Highways at Bells Bridge; $85.6 million to improve flood immunity along the highway at Tiaro; $82.4 million to upgrade the highway north of Maryborough around Saltwater Creek; $7.8 million for Bruce Highway works at Maryborough West, $900,000 in the Military Trail at Maryborough’s Queens Park; $390,328 for the South Street boat ramp upgrade at the Lamington Bridge; $68,000 for Maryborough Riding for their new arena; $426,300 for Maryborough Hockey Association’s grounds upgrade; $50,000 for Maryborough Military Museum’s new air conditioning system; $20,000 for Independent Riders; $140,000 for Maryborough Softball Association; and $181,000 for Granville Hockey Club.

“Treasurer Trad claims that the State Government has $71 million for projects as part of the Hinkler Regional Deal. But what are these projects they are supposedly funding and where is the money in the Budget?

“The Queensland State Labor Government is supposed to represent ALL Queenslanders, not just the South-East corner, but our region has continually been let down by this State Government,” Mr Pitt said.

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