Thursday, 7 April 2022

Pitt delivers funding for disaster coordination centre

True to his word to fund disaster mitigation projects that the community wants, needs and that stack up, Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt has fought to secure over $2 million for a disaster coordination centre and community hub for Bundaberg.

“In times of disaster – flood, cyclone or fire – Bundaberg will now have access to a purpose-built local disaster coordination centre to aid the local and district Disaster Management Groups to ensure the emergency response and recovery processes are co-ordinated,” Mr Pitt said.

“The facility – to be located at Maria Street, Kensington – will be used as a training hub, community meeting space and an educational venue, ensuring that this centre is of benefit to the community 365 days a year.”

“I have, and I will always continue to, fight for funding for this region and I welcome the funding for this vital project. 

“What I won’t support are projects that divide the community, and the proposed flood levee has done just that. 

“Over 5000 people put their names to a petition calling for a review of all flood mitigation options in Bundaberg, before committing to build the levee.

“I have stated and continue to state that there needs to be more accurate costings, engineering and proper community consultation undertaken.

“This funding which will be matched by Bundaberg Regional Council, proves that I will fight for funding when I know a project is wanted, needed, is designed properly and costed so there aren’t price blow outs that delay or stop the project altogether,” Mr Pitt said.

The Local and District Disaster Coordination Centre was one of 158 projects across the country that shared in $150 million dollars from the Commonwealth Government. 

In delivering this program, the Australian Government is not only increasing disaster preparedness and resilience, but also reducing the cost in time and money of recovery following future disasters.  

There are three streams of the Preparing Australia Program:  

  • Preparing Australian Communities Program for projects of local significance (Communities Local program) – focussed on public risk reduction.  
  • Preparing Australian Communities Program for projects of National Significance – focussed on public risk reduction. 
  • Preparing Australian Homes Program – focussed on private risk reduction. 

For more information and a full list of projects funded under Round One of the Preparing Australian Communities Program – Local stream visit: 

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