Media statement: Election 2016

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Media statement from Keith Pitt:

It’s been a very long campaign, but it’s been wonderful to have the support of the people of this electorate.

We said in the lead up to Saturday that if they back us we won’t let them down and we absolutely will not.

I will do my absolute utmost for the people of Hinkler and will spend the next three years trying to kick more goals and build on the work I have already done.

It’s been an absolutely humbling experience, so I thank all of the people of Hinkler for their support.

This election has been very, very close and I look forward to seeing the final count sometime this week, but as we said in the lead up to this election that it will be very close, every vote would count and that seems to be the case.

Throughout the campaign I spoke about what the Coalition can deliver for the people of this electorate, hopefully we can hold government, but the vote is very, very close.

None of this would be possible without the great support of not only my staff, but the members, volunteers and supporters. This is not about just one person, it is a team effort.

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