Tuesday, 14 May 2024

Labor’s cash splash will add to cost-of-living pressure

The Albanese Government’s cash splash will mean more cost-of-living pain for Australians already doing it tough.

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt said an increase of $315 billion of new spending equates to $30,000 of extra spending for every Australian household.

“At a time when the country’s economy is on the edge, the Treasurer is spraying cash around like its monopoly money, fuelling the fire of inflation.

“Claims by the Treasurer that electricity prices have only increased by two percent are laughable at best. I don’t know anyone whose power prices have gone down.

“A one-off rebate of $300 off a household power bill will barely touch the sides and be forgotten by Christmas. What happened to the $275 per year that was promised two years ago?

“Paradise is well and truly lost. The Albanese Government has failed the growers and producers who help feed the nation.

“Not a brass razoo is in the Budget for the next five years to replace Paradise Dam. The Federal Government has booked a spending cut of $592 million for water projects.

“Anthony Albanese sat in the ABC Wide Bay studio and promised Labor would repair the dam and now they have cut the funding that we secured when we were in government.

“The decision would have long-lasting impacts on the agricultural sector in the Bundaberg region.

‘The Federal Government providing direct wage subsidies to hand-picked industries like aged care and childcare, continues to set a dangerous precedent.

“What about the spray painter, the panel beater, the hairdresser or the hospitality worker? Don’t they deserve the same level of support?

“It’s good news that the Coalition’s instant asset write-off policy will continue for small business and that will be a relief for both small business operators and suppliers.”

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