Elliott Heads surf life savers recognised

Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Elliott Heads surf life savers who saved four tourists stranded on Dr May’s Island last year have had their bravery recognised at Parliament House.

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt presented Elliott Heads Surf Life Saving Club member Jamie Findlay and Riley McGregor with the National Rescue of the Month award.

“I want to congratulate Jamie Findlay, Riley McGregor, Donna Wall and Jason Wall for their efforts on September 20 in rescuing the tourists.

“This award is well and truly deserved and I was honoured to be able to present it to Jamie and Riley here in Canberra.

“As a former surf lifesaver, I know the time, effort and dedication that go into keeping our beaches safe,” he said.

Excerpt from citation:

The two male and two female tourists had walked over to the island at low tide and not realised how quickly the tide would rise.

One of them tried to swim across to the mainland but the current was too strong and returned back to the island.

The tourists were able to contact the nearby café to explain their predicament and Jamie was then able to contact the tourists and explain that surf life savers were on the way.

Meanwhile, Donna and Jason Wall had readied the IRB.

Utilising ATV headlights and headlamps, Jamie and Riley drove the IRB from Elliot Heads Beach out to see and then to the Elliott Heads river mouth, navigating around the rock wall.

Once they located the tourists, Jamie and Riley transported the two female patients across to the mainland and then returned to collect the main patients.

This rescue highlights and teamwork and bravery of all lifesavers and the important of 13SURF.

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