Canegrowers concerns about Japan FTA

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Statement from Keith Pitt MP re Canegrowers concerns about the Free Trade Agreement with Japan: 

“Japan is Queensland’s largest trading partner.

“The Free Trade Agreement with Japan is a major win for Australian beef, horticulture, seafood and wine.

“The Hinkler region is Australia’s largest producer of heavy vegetables. As such, producers of a wide array of fruit and vegetables – such as macadamia nuts, strawberries, mangoes, tomatoes, pumpkins and tomatoes – will benefit from the elimination of tariffs.

“The agreement with Japan has been endorsed by the Australian Food and Grocery Council, Wesfarmers, Universities Australia and several of Australia’s most respected and successful businessmen.

“The Japan agreement is about much more than agriculture – it will benefit Australian consumers by eliminating tariffs on household appliances, electronics and cars.

“I recognise, however, that no Free Trade Agreement will ever be a silver bullet for every single industry.

“South Korea is Australia’s biggest export market for sugar. This week the Prime Minister also signed an agreement with South Korea that eliminates tariffs on key agricultural exports like sugar. The sugar industry was one of the main benefactors in the Korean Agreement.”


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