Campaign on water usage while Paradise Dam hits 44 percent

Sunday, 24 November 2019

In a show of utter hypocrisy, the Queensland State Labor Government is reminding residents in the South East corner that ‘every drop counts’ while at the same time wasting thousands of mega litres of water from Paradise Dam, letting it flow out to sea.

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt has slammed the Palaszczuk Government for its double standards.

“Every drop counts unless you live in Bundaberg and Childers. Here we have a dam which is now holding just 44 percent of capacity due to the Queensland State Labor Government’s absolute inadequacy in handling this vital water resource.

“Every drop of water which has come out of Paradise Dam counts too. Our agricultural industry counts on that water and investment decisions have been made counting on the water security this region had.

“Paradise Dam was only opened in 2006 and it’s already had millions spent on repair work and once again, it needs more work, but the Queensland State Labor Government still won’t reveal what the safety issue is.

“Instead of spending tax-payers money in advertising to the South East corner how important water is and “every drop counts”, maybe the Palaszczuk Government could actually stop releasing water and start releasing reports into the issues at Paradise Dam and commit to repairing and restoring the dam to its full capacity?

“Just yesterday the Queensland State Council of the LNP voted unanimously in condemning the Palaszczuk Government’s handling of safety concerns at Paradise Dam and demanded the veil of secrecy be lifted.

“Minister Lynham and the Premier need to come clean about the issues at Paradise Dam now, people are sick of cover ups, public relations spin and deception.”

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